It's hard to find an underdog in the Boston sports market. Whether it's the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics or Bruins, the expectation lately has been world title or bust.

But, when it comes to high school or college football, the Commonwealth does not get the same respect. Sure, this isn't California, Florida, Texas, Georgia or Ohio, but the student-athletes that compete here deserve their due.

Basically, that's why this website exists.

There is great coverage for these players around the state, from the Boston Herald or Globe, to the smaller papers, and various websites that dedicate daily and weekly spotlights on those who put their hearts on the line every Friday and Saturday (or, in some cases, Thursday and Sunday).

MassVarsity simply aims to provide another outlet. Whether it's rankings, picks, watch lists, features, game coverage, or recruiting tidbits, football in Massachusetts doesn't take a backseat here.

Thanks for reading,

Adam Kurkjian