A quick look at new Boston College offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian

On Monday, Boston College officially announced the hiring of Mike Bajakian to be its next offensive coordinator to replace now-Bowling Green head coach Scot Loeffler.

Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports broke the news just hours before.

In the story, Thamel noted that Bruce Arians, the new coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, did not ask Bajakian to stay on after three years as the team's quarterbacks coach.

The Buccaneers led the NFL in passing yards this season, and were able to get good production out of both starter Jameis Winston and backup Ryan Fitzgerald.

Before that, Bajakian served under Butch Jones at Tennessee as the OC for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

It is harder to find the big positives in that two-year stint with the Vols, who it must be noted, were in a bit of a down cycle from an offensive talent standpoint, especially on the offensive lines. But Bajakian did make a nice improvement from one year to the next, even though some of the gains were relatively moderate.

In 2013, Tennessee did not rank well compared to their FBS counterparts in some major statistical categories. The Vols were:

— 92nd in third down conversions

— 76th in fourth down conversions

— 91st in completion percentage

— 101st in first downs

— 109th in passing offense

— 115th in passing yards per completion

— 100th in red zone offense

— 44th in rushing offense

— 94th in scoring offense

— 111th in team passing efficiency

— 91st in time of possession

— 102nd in total offense

The 2014 numbers were mostly better, including a top five red zone offense:

— 78th in third down conversions

— 34th in fourth down conversions

— 32nd in completion percentage

— 54th in first downs

— 70th in passing offense

— 116th in passing yards per completion

— 5th in red zone offense

— 89th in rushing offense

— 117th in sacks allowed

— 62nd in scoring offense

— 70th in team passing efficiency

— 51st in time of possession

— 90th in total offense

Schematically, it is hard to get a grasp on exactly what Bajakian's offense will look like. At Tennessee, he ran a pure spread with a near-exclusive shotgun-based group of formations. However, one has to think that getting under center and pounding AJ Dillon will still be a feature of this offense, especially with Steve Addazio as Bajakian's head coach.

But, for all of Dillon's prowess, this was an Anthony Brown and EJ Perry hire, from the looks of it. Developing and maintaining a consistent passing game has been a challenge for the Eagles over the years.

There have been sparks of it lately, as Brown played extremely well over the beginning of the season. But as the schedule toughened and injuries began to take their toll, the numbers dipped significantly.

If Bajakian can make improvements to the passing game, the running game should be solid enough for the offense to be dangerous. Whether that actually happens, and how that may come about, is still yet to be determined.

Since Addazio took over in the 2013 season, here are the Eagles' national rankings for pass efficiency:

— 2013


Offensive coordinator: Ryan Day

— 2014


Offensive coordinator: Ryan Day

— 2015


Offensive coordinator: Todd Fitch

— 2016


Offensive coordinator: Scot Loeffler

— 2017


Offensive coordinator: Scot Loeffler

— 2018


Offensive coordinator: Scot Loeffler

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