Oct. 15 FBS Top 25

1. Clemson (6-0) — The people knocking this team right now are jumping the gun.

2. Alabama (6-0) — The run defense concerns are real.

3. LSU (6-0) — For all the talk about Joe Burrow, don't forget about this running game.

4. Ohio State (6-0) — Can we fast-forward to the Wisconsin game, please?

5. Oklahoma (6-0) — Sooners pass first real test of the season.

6. Wisconsin (6-0) — When an 80-yard rushing performance is considered a letdown for Jonathan Taylor, you know he's doing something right.

7. Notre Dame (5-1) — Gritty win over a talented but poorly-coached USC team.

8. Florida (6-1) — Gators battled through some injuries to put a scare into LSU. 9. Auburn (5-1) — Talent is still here to make some higher-ranked teams sweat a little.

10. Oregon (5-1) — If only the Ducks took care of business against Auburn . . .

11. Penn State (6-0) — Again, getting better every week.

12. Georgia (5-1) — Laid an egg against the Gamecocks.

13. Boise State (6-0) — Don't see a loss on the regular season schedule.

14. Texas (4-2) — Only losses to top 5 teams.

15. Utah (5-1) — Some legit talent on this team.

16. Arizona State (5-1) — Herm Edwards is building something significant here.

17. Michigan (5-1) —This is probably too high, but the Wolverines may still get things sorted out. 18. SMU (6-0) — Do have a few concerns about how this team can keep this up.

19. Iowa (4-2) — Maybe a tad overrated here, but we still think the Hawkeyes are solid.

20. Baylor (6-0) — Another well-coached program that keeps earning respect.

21. Minnesota (6-0) — The Big Ten title contender no one is talking about.

22. Cincinnati (5-1) — That lone loss is to Ohio State.

23. Washington (5-2) — QB Jacob Eason eas-in' (see that? OK, it was dumb) his way up the draft boards.

24. Temple (5-1) — This program is what a lot of bigger-name Northeast ones aren't right now.

25. Missouri (5-1) — Fully recovered from the Wyoming loss.

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