Oct. 2 FBS top 25

Here's our stab at a Football Bowl Subdivision top 25:

1. Alabama (5-0) — How does this team not have every No. 1 vote in every poll?

2. Georgia (5-0) — Bulldogs have more than one quarterback that can hurt you.

3. Ohio State (5-0) — Wins don't come much tougher than that.

4. Clemson (5-0) — Has not really played up to its talent level.

5. Oklahoma (5-0) — Speed everywhere in this receiving corps.

6. LSU (5-0) — Get the feel the Tigers still haven't played their best game.

7. Notre Dame (5-0) — Pretty well-rounded squad right now.

8. Auburn (4-1) — Should run the table until November.

9. Penn State (4-1) — A truly deflating loss.

10. Washington (4-1) — Was all over BYU.

11. Michigan (4-1) — Wolverines can't peek ahead to Wisconsin game in two weeks.

12. West Virginia (4-0) — Another team that should be unbeaten into November.

13. Stanford (4-1) — Could never get back in it against the Irish.

14. Central Florida (4-0) — All the Knights do is win.

15. Miami (4-1) — This FSU game has lost quite a bit of luster.

16. Kentucky (5-0) — Not many saw this coming.

17. Oregon (4-1) — Rebounded well in beating Cal.

18. Wisconsin (3-1) — Nebraska game could get real ugly.

19. Texas (4-1) — Hype for this team will explode if it upsets Oklahoma.

20. Florida (4-1) — Winning ugly is still winning.

21. Texas A&M (3-2) — Kentucky game should be fun.

22. Michigan State (3-1) — Northwestern game could go either way.

23. NC State (4-0) — Wolfpack ready to host hurting Boston College team.

24. Colorado (4-0) — Interesting game with Arizona State up next.

25. Oklahoma State (4-1) — Should win next two games before hosting Texas.

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