Oct. 22 FBS Top 25

1. Clemson (7-0) — Let's see what Boston College can bring to the table against this team.

2. Alabama (7-0) — Another ankle surgery for Tua and that's obviously the top concern.

3. LSU (7-0) — The Auburn game should be nip and tuck.

4. Ohio State (7-0) — The shine has come off that Wisconsin game, hasn't it?

5. Oklahoma (7-0) — At Kansas State could a sneaky-tough game, but one the Sooners should win comfortably.

6. Penn State (7-0) — Michigan might not be as good as people expected, but that's still a very good win.

7. Notre Dame (5-1) — Gets what can only be described as a desperate Michigan team.

8. Florida (7-1) — A week off before some cocktail fun with Georgia.

9. Auburn (6-1) — Badly wants revenge on LSU for how last year's game ended.

10. Oregon (6-1) — Terrific win against Washington.

11. Georgia (6-1) — Winning sloppy is still winning.

12. Utah (6-1) — That was a good Arizona State team the Utes just smothered.

13. Wisconsin (6-1) — Just when you started to believe . . .

14. Texas (5-2) — Maybe too close a call with Kansas.

15. Minnesota (7-0) — Should beat Maryland, then a bye before Penn State.

16. Baylor (7-0) — Just waiting on the Texas and Oklahoma games to see how for real this team is.

17. SMU (7-0) — Should take care of Houston on the road.

18. Cincinnati (6-1) — A bye before East Carolina.

19. Arizona State (5-2) — Still feel this program is making big strides.

20. Michigan (5-2) — Really tough to see a long-term fix here.

21. Iowa (5-2) — Still squarely in the mix for a division title.

22. Wake Forest (6-1) — Nice win over a flawed, but talented Florida State team.

23. Boise State (6-1) — BYU has earned some nice wins this year, and the Broncos are the latest victim.

24. Iowa State (5-2) — Only a couple points from being unbeaten.

25. Appalachian State (6-0) — Very interested to see the South Carolina game in a few weeks.

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