Oct. 23 FBS top 25

Here's our stab at a Football Bowl Subdivision top 25:

1. Alabama (8-0) — Could this team look any more dominant? Yeesh.

2. Clemson (7-0) — Starting to look like the team everyone expected at the start of the year.

3. Notre Dame (7-0) — Navy always makes for a difficult game.

4. LSU (7-1) — The targeting call on Devin White came at the exact wrong time.

5. Michigan (7-1) — Jim Harbaugh has to relish that win over a big rival.

6. Texas (6-1) — Bye week was well-earned.

7. Oklahoma (6-1) — The only quarterback playing better than Kyler Murray right now is in Alabama.

8. Georgia (6-1) — Has a chance to redeem itself in a big way against Florida.

9. Florida (6-1) — We will see just how much Dan Mullen has reinvigorated this program.

10. Central Florida (7-0) — Temple game looks a little bit tougher than it did a few weeks ago.

11. Ohio State (7-1) — Tackling was atrocious against Purdue.

12. Washington State (6-1) — Sure, Mike Leach is odd, but he can coach football.

13. Texas A&M (5-2) — Gets a Mississippi State team that is having a quarterback crisis.

14. West Virginia (5-1) — Travels to Texas for a big one in two weeks.

15. Penn State (5-2) — Gets an Iowa team next that is never an easy out.

16. Oregon (5-2) — Couldn't pull off the back-to-back sweep of U-dub and Wazzu.

17. Washington (6-2) — Major showdown with Stanford in two weeks.

18. Kentucky (6-1) — Bit of a trap game with Missouri next.

19. Wisconsin (5-2) — Re-discovered its offense against Illinois.

20. Iowa (6-1) — Hawkeyes hung tough with Penn State last year, and want to finish the job.

21. South Florida (7-0) — Took a little more than expected to beat UConn.

22. NC State (5-1) — Felt the full brunt of Clemson's wrath.

23. Utah (5-2) — Offense has caught fire of late.

24. Stanford (5-2) — Don't be surprised to see the Cardinal knock Washington State off its perch this week.

25. Appalachian State (5-1) — Imagine where this team would be if it finished off Penn State in the opener?

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