Oct. 9 FBS/FCS top 10

1. Boston College (4-2) — A tough way to go down at NC State.

2. UMass (2-5) — Still having real problems stopping the run.

3. UConn (1-5) — Very interested in the UMass game at the end of the month.

4. Rhode Island (4-1) — Crushed in-state rival Brown.

5. Dartmouth (4-0) — Made a huge statement in crushing Yale.

6. Yale (2-2) — Took one on the chin against Dartmouth.

7. Maine (3-2) — Nice bounce-back win over Villanova.

8. Bryant (4-1) — Solid win over Duquesne.

9. Harvard (2-3) — Tough setback in back-and-forth game with Cornell.

10. Sacred Heart (3-2) — Could not get past Penn.

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