Sept. 17 FBS Top 25

Our look at the top 25 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

1. Clemson (3-0) — Syracuse did not offer a huge challenge this time around.

2. Alabama (3-0) — Some issues, but who covers these receivers?

3. LSU (3-0) — When was the last time the passing game was the strength and fans were worried about the defense?

4. Georgia (3-0) — Safe to say some pretty big stakes for this weekend's game with Notre Dame.

5. Ohio State (3-0) — Really shouldn't be challenged for a while

6. Oklahoma (3-0) — Another Heisman QB with Jalen Hurts? Not just possible, bu plausible.

7. Texas (2-1) — Interesting game with Oklahoma State next, but should win.

8. Notre Dame (2-0) — Irish have everything in front of them this weekend.

9. Wisconsin (2-0) — Let's see if the Badgers give up their first points this weekend.

10. Auburn (3-0) — Have a feeling the Tigers take their first loss at A&M this weekend.

11. Michigan (2-0) — Tall order with trip to Madison this weekend.

12. Oregon (2-1) — Should beat a down Stanford team this weekend.

13. Texas A&M (2-1) — Aggies can grab some attention if they beat Auburn this weekend.

14. Florida (3-0) — A win'a a win, right?

15. Central Florida (3-0) — No issues with Stanford.

16. Penn State (3-0) — Takes on wounded Maryland team next.

17. Iowa (3-0) — Bye comes at the right time after close call with Iowa State.

18. Washington State (3-0) — Hard not to look ahead to Utah game in two weeks.

19. Utah (3-0) — Utes with an interesting game with USC Friday night.

20. Cal (3-0) — Less-than-impressive against North Texas.

21. Washington (2-1) — Huskies trek to BYU in one of the best games of the weekend.

22. Boise State (3-0) — Broncos should beat Air Force this week.

23. Virginia (3-0) — Cavaliers about to hit tough part of the schedule in two weeks.

24. Arizona State (3-0) — Herm Edwards really doing a nice job with this program.

25. Kansas State (3-0) — Quality win on the road against Mississippi State.

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