Week 2 New England FBS/FCS Poll

1. Boston College (3-0) — Have the feeling this spot won't change.

2. UMass (1-3) — Bit of a shaky hold on this spot, but for now . . .

3. UConn (1-2) — Worcester native and Holy Name and Shepherd Hill star Kevin Mensah continues to impress.

4. Maine (2-0) — Can make a decent argument for a spot or two higher on this list.

5. Rhode Island (2-1) — Legit receiving corps here.

6. Harvard (1-0) — Crimson had the look of a special team Saturday.

7. Holy Cross (1-2) — Massive win over Yale Saturday.

8. Yale (0-1) — Can't dwell on that stunning loss.

9. Sacred Heart (2-0) — Should be 3-0 after this week's game with Wagner.

10. New Hampshire (0-3) — We know the record isn't good, but we feel this team still has potential.

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